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High-end Finish Foam Applicators

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Product Description

Main Features

  • Perfect for applying Semco Teak Sealer
  • No more annoying loose brush hairs
  • No streaky brush marks
  • Consistent and easy application
  • Fine chisel tip allows for precise detail work
  • Use to get into those hard to reach places

Product Details

Pack of 5 high-end finish foam applicators. Pack contains 1 x 3" (7.62cm) applicator, 2 x 2" (5.08cm) applicators and 2 x 1" (2.54cm) applicators (sizes approx)

These applicators are ideal for Semco Teak Sealer as they provide a smooth and even high quality finish without annoying brush marks and loose hairs. The handles are ergonomically designed for accurate and detailed finishing. Multi-functional usage including getting into those hard to reach places, nooks and crannies.

Use on boats, yachts and sailing crafts for sealing deckboards, cockpits, handrails, swim platforms and other teak areas. 

Can also be used on garden furniture and landscaping for example garden decking, on and in between bench, table and chair slats and external window frames / garage doors.

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